Animal Crossing Horror Short Getting Full-Length Feature

Animal Crossing Horror Short Getting Full-Length Feature
See, homegirl messed up the minute she didn't run for the hills when shit started to go down. (Screenshot: Julian Terry / YouTube)

Don’t Peek, a six-minute horror movie about a monster trying to escape from Animal Crossing into the real world, premiered this week at SXSW Online and will soon be coming to a theatre near you in full-length form.

Reported in Deadline, Don’t Peek, directed by Julian Terry and uploaded to YouTube back in October before debuting at SXSW Online, has already signed Wanted director and Hardcore Henry producer Timur Bekmambetov to the project.

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The movie features actress Katie C’etta making a series of increasingly bad choices as she discovers a creature in her Animal Crossing world that looks kinda like if you gave the arsehole moon in Majora’s Mask a body. I don’t know about y’all, but if I saw Slenderman peeking out of my Nintendo Switch, at no point would I simply go to sleep. I don’t care how much money I paid or how many hours I spent grinding my island to five stars, I’m chucking that bitch out the window.


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