Civ-Style Strategy Game Humankind Delayed To August

Civ-Style Strategy Game Humankind Delayed To August
Image: Amplitude Studios

Humankind, the next 4X strategy game from the makers of Endless Space and Endless Legend, has been delayed until the summer, Amplitude Studios announced today.

Previously set to arrive next month, the latest rival to Civilisation will instead come to PC and Stadia on August 17 so that the developers can add more “polish” to the game. “Through the OpenDev program, you have given us invaluable feedback on the game,” the studio wrote in a new developer blog post today. “While Humankind is already a great game, many of you think it could be even better, and after analysing all your great feedback, we realised that we could make even further improvements to make Humankind the best game that it can be. These improvements take time, however, so we have decided to move the release date.”

The last minute changes Amplitude is working on include:

  • Pacing and Balancing: These were two of the most discussed topics in the OpenDev Feedback, and the general consensus was that the game progresses too quickly, and all basic resources are too abundant.
  • Diplomacy: While a lot of OpenDev players liked the underlying system of Diplomacy in Humankind, many also found it confusing due to the interface and feedback.
  • Onboarding: Some of Humankind’s systems were difficult to grasp for players, especially new players, so we are hard at work on the onboarding experience.
  • User Interface/Experience: We’re working to improve the interface and user experience in various areas.

The blog post goes into more detail on each of the ways the studio plans to improve these areas, and all-in-all it sounds like stuff worth delaying the game’s release over. A developer working on fixing a game before it comes out? Interesting concept.

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