Coca-Cola Is Launching A Vending Machine Subscription Service In Japan

Coca-Cola Is Launching A Vending Machine Subscription Service In Japan
Photo: TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA/AFP via Getty Images, Getty Images

Like Coke? A lot? Well, according to Nikkei (via Gearoid Reidy), the drink maker is rolling out a special subscription service in Japan.

For 2,700 yen ($32) a month, subscribers get one Coca-Cola from any of Japan’s 340,000 vending machines. That’s right! Every. Single. Day. That does that with the subscription, you can get 30 or so Cokes at a cheaper price!

The new service is called “Coke On Pass,” and is the subscription addition to Coca-Cola Japan’s Coke On app. The drink company has been experiencing lower vending machine sales due to covid-19, and this is a way to shore up those numbers, it seems.

I like Coke! (Actually, I like Dr Pepper more, but Coke is fine!) Though, I’m not sure if I could drink it every day. Just thinking about it right now makes my teeth hurt. But as translator Jake Jung points out, Coca-Cola Japan does make other drinks, including coffee and tea, so that could help limit the sugar, but not caffeine, intake.


  • There’s also fruit juices, iced teas, flavoured milks, spring waters and almost all of the other major fizzy drinks.

  • Especially canny since subscriptions are notorious for adding an effort barrier to cancellation that many people don’t bother to overcome, and it’s entirely likely that many will not fully exploit the full benefit (and thus: cost to the company) of the subscription.

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