Comic-Con 2021 Has Been Cancelled

Comic-Con 2021 Has Been Cancelled
Image: Comic-Con

There was no in-person Comic-Con in 2020, and there won’t be one in 2021 either after the show’s organisers announced a decision to “postpone” it until 2022.

That’s…an odd use of the word, since the Comic-Con in 2022 would simply be the 2022 Comic-Con, but maybe there’s legal wrangling involved in the exact language employed in terms of insurance, etc.

Here’s the most important parts of the organiser’s statement:

It is the policy of the organisation to continue to closely monitor information from local and national healthcare officials as it pertains to the COVID-19 pandemic. Never could we have imagined what the world experienced in 2020 and continues to experience today. While we are buoyed by the rollout of the vaccine and the growing number of individuals being inoculated, it appears that July will still be too early to safely hold an in-person event of the magnitude of Comic-Con. For this reason, we have made the challenging decision to postpone Comic-Con 2021 as an in-person gathering until our 2022 dates.

In place of an in-person event, there’ll be a Comic-Con@Home event run around the same time. And in more promising news, while the main Comic-Con has been pushed into 2022, there’s scope for a smaller show to be held in between as a kind of test run:

…we believe that launching a smaller in-person event at a later time may be a safe alternative. For this reason, we are happy to announce that San Diego Comic Convention is planning to present a three-day in-person convention in San Diego in November.

A number of 2021 shows have already been cancelled, including Katsucon.

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  • I think it’s very safe to say that conventions will not happen in 2021 at all. Until most countries are vaccinated and we get COVID under control, there is no way mass gatherings like conventions are going to happen anywhere in the world.

    Prepare for another year of random people talking at their webcams from their home office, just like last year

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