Controversial Taiwanese Horror Game Devotion Is Back And Available For Sale

Controversial Taiwanese Horror Game Devotion Is Back And Available For Sale
Image: Red Candle Games

After disappearing from Steam in early 2019 — after upsetting Chinese gamers with a Winnie The Pooh joke — and then returning before disappearing again last year, Taiwanese horror game Devotion is now finally on sale to basically anyone who wants a copy.

After running into nothing but trouble on other people’s platforms, the game’s developers have decided to just sell the game themselves, opening up an online store for international customers that is selling digital, DRM-free copies of Devotion, their previous game Detention, as well as soundtrack bundles for both.

Prices range from $14 for Detention, $21 for Devotion to $43 for a bundle including Devotion, Detention and both game’s soundtracks.

Sadly, the beautiful physical edition announced last year for the Taiwanese market doesn’t appear on the store.

Developers Red Candle say that all future releases will also be on their own shop, and will also be free of DRM.

You can read more about Devotion’s long road to an international release below:

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