Counter-Strike Was Accidentally Removed From Steam Today

Counter-Strike Was Accidentally Removed From Steam Today
Screenshot: Valve

Earlier today, anyone trying to find or play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam ran into a weird surprise: the game was missing. Just…gone.

It soon came back, but for a little while there one of the biggest video games on the planet had just up and disappeared. Its store page presented a “OOPS, SORRY!” message, and its concurrent player count went through the floor.

As SteamDB’s Pavel Djundik noted, Counter-Strike wasn’t the only game affected, with a handful of other titles disappearing as well.

While Valve tells Kotaku the disappearance was “just a hiccup on the backend”, let’s not discount the fact Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has worked every day since 2012 without a break. Maybe it just needed a morning off, enjoy a cup of tea, read a magazine, collect its thoughts for a moment.

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