Fans Have Already Upscaled The Leaked Elden Ring Trailer

Fans Have Already Upscaled The Leaked Elden Ring Trailer
Image: Elden Ring

Two years have gone by without so much as a hint of news, so the second any Elden Ring leaks hit the internet fans were naturally going to go ballistic.

Much like what happened to the game we now know as Hogwarts Legacy, some very shaky, over-the-shoulder camera footage of an Elden Ring trailer leaked online overnight.

The game, a collaboration between legendary Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki and author George R.R. Martin, is set in a dark fantasy world that’s supposedly “full of things that” From Software wasn’t able to do in the Souls games.

So when the indication of some leaky cam footage hit YouTube, people went nuts. And because the footage was so blurry and scrappy, fans naturally figured: that’s fine, we’ll just use AI to remaster it on the fly.

Fans have been upscaling games into 4K and 8K for ages with the versatility of machine learning and neural networks. The Elden Ring blur-cam was upscaled using Topaz Video Enhance, the same tool that was used to upscale this Cyberpunk 2077 launch trailer into 8K.

The important part in all of this, of course, is whether the Elden Ring footage is real. There’s been multiple verifications from different sources online saying that it was, and there’s growing chatter that we’ll get an official look at Elden Ring soon.

If you don’t mind watching videos in pure potato quality, there’s about a minute and a half of footage below. It’s hard to make out anything, and there’ll likely be an official trailer in due course. But if you just can’t wait, here’s the footage that is floating around.

For more information about Elden Ring — at least the little that’s been confirmed thus far — we’ve got a wrap of all the available details here.


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