Elites In Halo: Reach Contain A Gross Secret

Elites In Halo: Reach Contain A Gross Secret
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I’ve played a lot of Halo: Reach. In fact, last month I played through the entire game again with my brother via the Master Chief Collection. But I had no idea that inside the playable Elites in the game lurks a somewhat disgusting little secret: Their innards…? Guts? Bones? Hard to tell.

In Halo: Reach, when you look down you’ll see your feet. Meanwhile, when other players look at you in co-op or multiplayer, they will see your whole body. While you might assume these are the same model, they aren’t, and instead, Bungie created two different models, with various levels of detail. One for the first-person view, the other for the third-person view. It’s inside that first-person model of the playable Elite, specifically inside its waist, that you’ll find the guts of the alien.

I say guts. It could also be flesh and bone? Maybe some innards? Or a mix of all of the above? Hard to say really. But it’s an odd bit of detail that doesn’t serve a purpose. It’s never used in-game to rip apart an Elite or during a cutscene. For those wondering, playable Spartans in Halo: Reach don’t have this same hidden secret.

This gross little detail was showcased in a new, short video from Halo modder and expert GeneralKidd. It’s not a brand new discovery, but one which I assume most Halo fans haven’t seen before. It is possible, without modding, to see this if your game lags out and you turn around. In some cases, if you have enough time, you can see the Elite’s gross waist-stump.

GeneralKidd also points out that a similar detail can be found in Halo 2, with both Spartans and Elites having a similar amount of gore hidden on their first-person model. Though this time it’s the arms, not the waist.

What was the plan here? Perhaps a more violent Halo was planned? Or a bloody, dismemberment skull power-up? Or just a really weird inside joke among the developers?


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