Epic Games Store Is Draining Some Laptop Batteries

Epic Games Store Is Draining Some Laptop Batteries
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My annoyances with Epic’s store are generally limited to Fortnite pop-ups and forgetting I even had games installed there, but then I play games on a big desktop PC. If you’re using a laptop, you might want to keep an eye on the store, and in particular what it’s doing to your battery.

Some testing from PC World has found that, if you’re using the store and have your laptop unplugged, Epic’s marketplace can be an enormous drain on your battery, even if it’s simply running in the background.

On one device, a Surface Pro 7+, it’s battery depleted 20% faster just by having the Epic store open, while on a Surface Laptop 3 it was drained 8% quicker. Epic told the site in response that “In general, we are actively working to improve the performance and reduce the power consumption of our launcher.”

While that happens, if you’re playing on a laptop and need to use Epic’s store, maybe keep it near an outlet. Oh, and note that the same tests showed that Steam had practically no effect on the device’s batteries.


  • I’ve also noticed this on my Macbook Pro running OSX. Sometime the fans will start running even when the laptop is idling, and they stop as soon as I quit the Epic Launcher.

    • It’s probably related to the RAM usage issue we’ve known about for quite a while. It could be as simple as a TTL query on your friend’s list or something responsible for it in the end because there’s plenty of ways to mess up if the garbage collection isn’t efficient.

    • I haven’t extensively workshopped this, I just properly close the damn thing, but I get the impression is that the Epic client is just constantly doing shit even when minimised – loading and cycling game ads, playing videos and like. Just drop yourself into hybernation when nobody is looking at you ffs EGS.

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