G.I. Joe And Cobra Face Off In World Of Tanks

G.I. Joe And Cobra Face Off In World Of Tanks
Image: Wargaming / Hasbro

Following up on last year’s bizarre crossover between World of Warships and Transformers, Wargaming and Hasbro have partnered again for the somewhat more sensible pairing of G.I. Joe and World of Tanks.

We have the obviously evil red and black tank versus bulbous and friendly green tank, as the Joes’ B.T.T. (Breakthrough Tank) trades ordinance with Cobra B.O.A (Battle Operational Assault). Don’t bother looking those up in the toy wiki, as both vehicles have been created specifically for World of Tanks. I know fans would have preferred a showdown between the M.O.B.A.T. and the H.I.S.S., but here we are.

Go, Joe!  (Screenshot: Wargaming) Go, Joe! (Screenshot: Wargaming)

Along with the two new armoured beasties, World of Tanks players can also participate in special G.I. Joe-themed missions, and procure stickers and decals to decorate their own tanks.

Cobra LALALALALALALALALALA! (Screenshot: Wargaming) Cobra LALALALALALALALALALA! (Screenshot: Wargaming)

Even better, starting March 18 Prime Gaming members can get their hands on Duke and Cobra Commander as special crew captains. Everybody knows how much Cobra Commander loves being on the front lines.

Here’s hoping they do My Little Pony next. Is there a World of Warhorses yet?

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