The Gigabit NBN Dream Is Getting Even Closer

The Gigabit NBN Dream Is Getting Even Closer
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If you’ve been wondering when you might finally get access to internet speeds well beyond NBN 100, good news — your gigabit NBN dream is getting even closer.

According to IT News, NBN Co has updated their official product roadmap to include a note on “consultation of home superfast and home ultrafast tiers for FTTC”. The consultation process would run from March to April, further opening the door for those on fibre to the curb (FTTC) connections to access NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans.

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NBN Co has previously spoken about wanting to introduce gigabit plans to FTTC customers sometime in 2021, although the company reasonably (given the impact of COVID) warned that the deadline could be pushed back.

The idea behind the consultation with industry is to identify the practicality of enabling plans beyond NBN 100 on FTTC connections, as well as potential demand. For an FTTC user to access those speeds, the distribution point units connecting those users have to be upgraded to the DSL standard. It’s not clear how much of the FTTC network has been upgraded to the G.Fast technology at the time of writing, however.

NBN Co has also earmarked some money to upgrade a small portion of FTTC connections — about $100 million worth — t0 full fibre to the premises. Out of the 7.3 million Australians already connected to the NBN, according to NBN Co’s latest corporate plan, around 1.4 million households were connected via FTTC.

We’ll keep you posted as to when gigabit offerings become more available. Once you do get access to gigabit NBN, however, you’ll want to have a look at what’s actually available. Below you’ll see a round-up of all the current NBN 1000 offerings, with Aussie Broadband and Superloop’s deals looking especially good.


  • I’m with Superloop and they’ve just given me a free trial of 1000/50. I’m on HFC in the Inner West in Sydney. I’ve had up to 600Mbps on wifi and its actually so much faster I had to get a wifi adaptor for my PC as the ethernet over powerline I was getting capped at about 70Mbps which is ok if I’m on the 100 plan, but not on the 1000.

  • How strange, I thought we didn’t need a network that was 95% FTTP because we didn’t need speeds over 100Mbps because there would be no demand for it except for gamers and people streaming Netflix and who cares about them? Surely the Libs wouldn’t have lied their way into power with their tirade against the NBN and then again when they were in power and dismantling it as best they could?

    Is any journalist worth their salt doing what they can to pull Turnbull, Abbott and the Coalition up on this absolute horses**t they fed the country and that we’re now seeing even more costs added to upgrading their already-obsolete-before-it-was-laid network?

    • Agreed. Also working from home has clearly reduced traffic and public transport requirements which could defer expenditure in those areas too.

  • Still waiting for faster plans on HFC that actually have fast uploads. 250/25 is a joke. If I can get 1000/50 why can’t I get 250/50.
    I can’t afford the $36,000 upgrade to get Fibre to easily get the 250/100.

  • I’d love to know when I can get 50Mb… Let alone gigabit. I’m getting between 38 and 45 at the moment and think the $14k quote is a bit much to spend on upgrading.

    All these articles are good n all, but a majority of people can’t get it. We need to focus on fixing the network back to what it should have been originally so EVERYONE can get gigabit if they want. Time to bring us up to some third world countries internet speeds. And don’t give me that tripe on how we are spread out more, this is an essential service and we pay much more tax and start with a better infrastructure than they do.

  • Nice to know that companies are upgrading systems/acess, still not good to see prices going up. Standard fastest internet of 100/40 priceing should have been maintained (ie no pricing should have increased to over $100 a month for the fastest unlimited connections), now just seems to be people farming money and ignoring what should be avaiable un general.

  • TPG upgraded me to a free 6 month trial of their ultrafast 1000/50 plan a few weeks back. Fastest speed I’ve logged so far was a tick over 800Mbps down, and around 46Mbps up

  • My dream is to get reliable 100Mbps Internet. 1 Gbps seems like a fantasy for me. My FTTN connection maxes out at 61Mbps so I am on a 50Mbps plan with Aussie which gets to 55Mbps. I used to get 16Mbps for ADSL and it I had to wait 10 years for NBN to come to my area in suburban Melbourne. 10 years and a speed increase of 40Mbps. I got a quote from NBN to upgrade to FTTP and the quote came in at $20k. NBN is a joke! FTTN is a disgrace and is still not being addressed properly. Starlink might be only option if nothing is done in the next year or two.

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