God Will Not Forgive This Doom Modder For Giving Mario Legs To Cacodemons

God Will Not Forgive This Doom Modder For Giving Mario Legs To Cacodemons

It is one thing to give Doom’s Cacodemons legs. That’s a felony, at least. It’s another to identify the specific, worst-imaginable legs they could possibly have and then, heart and mind heavy with that knowledge, unleash it upon the world.

That’s exactly what modder The Kinsie has done, for some reason. As part of their “Reelism 2” mod, The Kinsie has given Cacodemons Mario’s legs — with Mario 64 pitter-patter sound effects and everything. Now Pandora’s Box is open, and if you try to re-seal it, it will just shout “wahoo” and triple-jump away.

“May the Devil forgive me for this, because God certainly won’t,” The Kinsie said on Twitter.

They’re right.

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