Good God Pokémon Snap Continues To Look Adorable

Good God Pokémon Snap Continues To Look Adorable
Image: Game Informer

Pokémon Snap has looked adorable from the beginning, and fresh footage of the game out today … nope, that’s a Machamp wearing a Dad hat. Still adorable.

Some fresh gameplay of New Pokémon Snap, taken from the Blushing Beach level, was uploaded online overnight. It comes out of the international preview session earlier this week, and it’s a great chance to see many of the features in action.

We can see the Resnap feature — which just lets you adjust focal points, focus size, blurring, brightness and more, although only your raw photos will be evaluated by the game’s scoring system.

The main points are for pose, size of the Pokemon in the photo, the direction, placement, background, and if any other Pokemon are in the shot. Like the mainline games, some Pokemon will only come out at night, while others prefer the daytime. You can also get Pokemon to react in certain ways by throwing Fluff Fruit and other tools.

A key thing is that you’re still following a fixed path, the same as the original Pokemon Snap. There was some hope that players would have the ability to travel the island more freely, but that doesn’t look like it’ll be the case. It still looks incredibly adorable though, and I’m still getting it as soon as it launches for the Switch on April 30.

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