Here’s “Zero To Hero” From Hercules Recreated In Animal Crossing

Here’s “Zero To Hero” From Hercules Recreated In Animal Crossing

Those crafty and talented Animal Crossing: New Horizon players are at it again. This time someone spent two months recreating the “Zero To Hero” song featured in Disney’s animated Hercules film from 1997.

This impressive feat of editing and creativity was made by Reddit user Melhunnibee. According to Reddit comments left by the user, this recreation took about two months to put together. They filmed most of the scenes on Harv’s Island using green backgrounds. They then digitally hand-painted backgrounds and merged the shots with the art, editing the whole thing to match the song’s timing.

As someone who’s a big fan of Hercules and who REALLY loves this song in particular, I was surprised just how accurate this recreation is and I got to listen to “Zero To Hero” again, which is always a good thing in my book.

Similarly dedicated fans not long ago recreated the first act of Hamilton in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. By 2025 I assume I’ll be watching a show on Netflix that was made in Animal Crossing.

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