Hitman 3 Is Getting DLC Based On The Seven Deadly Sins

Hitman 3 Is Getting DLC Based On The Seven Deadly Sins

Next week, Hitman 3 will receive downloadable content based on the seven deadly sins, developer IO Interactive announced in a blog post today. Just don’t expect it to be quite like the DLC from Hitman 2.

Among all of the levels in the recent Hitman trilogy, two of the strongest were paid expansions for Hitman 2. (Before you go all Agent 47 on me, pretty much all the levels are good!) The first add-on, The Golden Handshake, took place inside a Manhattan bank. The second, Last Resort, sent players to a sumptuous retreat in the Maldives.

Hitman 3’s next major expansion, Seven Deadly Sins, will feature seven seasonal chapters , each one lasting four to six weeks and featuring a new contract and items. As ever, IO’s explainer on the matter is both confusingly complex and pointedly vague. It sure sounds like the DLC will consist of seven new missions set in old levels — be that through deluxe escalations or new gameplay mechanics — but it’s anyone’s guess as to what exactly future chapters will hold. The studio hasn’t said yet. (Fingers crossed for a reveal of the Lust chapter taking place on a surprise Mykonos level or something, but I’m not holding my breath.)

Narratively, Seven Deadly Sins will “take players deep into the mind of Agent 47.” Here’s a trailer for the first act, which is based on greed and centres around a deluxe escalation on the Dubai level:

Hey, at least you get a snazzy gold suit.

Individual seasons will be sold piecemeal for about $7, or as a pack for $40. The Hitman 2 expansion pass — which includes both of those phenomenal aforementioned levels, plus two sniper assassination maps, two suits, and six items — is currently available for $50.

IO Interactive hasn’t detailed the full content roadmap of Seven Deadly Sin. (The developer says that info is coming in the first week of April.) It’s possible but unlikely that the following chapters will include entirely new sandboxes. In January, Hitman 3 executive producer Forest Swartout Large told The Gamer that IO is “not looking at new maps like the bank and the island. We’re more looking at using existing locations and reimagining them, twisting them.”

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