How To Get Around The PS5’s Screenshot Restrictions

How To Get Around The PS5’s Screenshot Restrictions

Hitman 3 is a looker. But if you try to take a screenshot on PlayStation 5, you’ll run into an issue: Hitting the Create button causes Hitman 3 itself to pause, meaning you’ll only be able to get a screenshot of the game’s menu. It’s a lovely menu, for sure, but not exactly on par with the Argentinian sunset you were looking to save.

Here’s the thing: You don’t need to use the Create button’s overlay to take a screenshot. Just press and hold it down to automatically take a screenshot. Double-tapping Create, meanwhile, will record a brief video clip of gameplay that just happened. (You can tweak the default length of recorded clips by opening the settings, opening the Captures and Broadcasts menu, and clicking on “Shortcuts for Create Button.” Intervals range from 15 seconds to an hour.)

Here's what you normally see when you hit the Create button in Hitman 3. (Screenshot: IO Interactive / Sony / Kotaku)
Here’s what you normally see when you hit the Create button in Hitman 3. (Screenshot: IO Interactive / Sony / Kotaku)

Note that both of those methods are the default scheme for the Create button. Under the “Shortcuts for Create Button” submenu, you’ll be able to choose from two other schemes, which shift how it functions:

  • Easy screenshots: A single press of Create will grab a screen. Pressing and holding the button, meanwhile, pulls up that overlay with all the controls. Double-tapping still saves a clip of recent gameplay.
  • Easy video clips: Same as the “easy screenshots” setting, except double-tapping starts or stops recording video.

The PS5’s Create button is a godsend in terms of recording and sharing your gaming experiences with the world. But the recording apparatus on PS5 remains far from perfect. (See, for instance, how the capture gallery itself won’t “stick” to the main dashboard or the control centre, forcing you to use one of three workarounds to access it.) With this trick, though, at least you won’t miss the sunset.

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