It’s Time For Crusader Kings In Space

It’s Time For Crusader Kings In Space
Screenshot: Star Dynasties

If you’ve been wondering why there haven’t been more clones of Crusader Kings, it’s because the systems that define Paradox’s game are really hard to copy! Pawley Games are going to give it a shot, though, and they’re going to do it in space.

Crusader Kings III: The Kotaku Review

Crusader Kings III is a game that takes in 600 years of human history, from the 9th century through to the 15th, with all the geopolitical conflict, religious turmoil and interpersonal struggles that went along with it. So…where do we even begin with this game, let along this review?

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This is Star Dynasties, an upcoming strategy game that initially looks a lot like Stellaris, but quickly takes on more of a Crusader Kings vibe with its focus on intrigue, relationships and drama. And I’m not saying that in a lazy “compare Game X to Game Y” thing, the UI and map really looks like Stellaris, and the character system really looks like Crusader Kings’.

Which, let’s be clear, I’m totally fine with if the whole thing comes together. It’s coming to Early Access on Steam on March 17.


  • I’ve been keeping my eye on this one. Had it on the wish list for a while. Not a fan of early access though so I’ll have to wait a couple of years till it is completed.

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