Everything We Want To See From The Rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro

Everything We Want To See From The Rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro
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After months of speculation, it appears the rumoured Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’ is getting closer to reality. With reports stating the mysterious console will be ready for ‘holiday 2021’, it could be that we’re able to get our hands on the Switch Pro within the year. So far, rumours point towards a nifty 7-inch screen, 720p resolution and 4K visuals — but we don’t know much else about the new console.

With that in mind, there are certain things we’d love to see in an update Nintendo Switch. The original console is great, but there’s certainly a lot it could improve on. Here’s what we want to see from the Nintendo Switch Pro.

A console no bigger than the original Nintendo Switch

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The original Nintendo Switch is an absolute whopper, and it’s fairly unwieldy for a handheld console. While an improved display for the Switch is absolutely welcome, it shouldn’t make the console any bigger or heavier.

There’s a fairly thick bezel around the original Switch’s screen, and this should be reduced before the console’s size increases. On the plus side, a larger console would make every gamer very swole — but that’s probably not what Nintendo is going for.

A bigger screen is better, but it shouldn’t come with any major caveats to portability. It should also remain compatible with the console’s Joy-Cons so everyone who’s invested in shiny new controllers doesn’t have to ditch them to enjoy the Pro.

No Joy-Con drift

Joy-Con drift has plagued Nintendo Switch controllers for the last few years, with multiple reports and lawsuits filed against Nintendo for alleged negligence in creating the controllers. The only way to avoid this in future is to redesign the Joy-Cons completely for the Pro.

The major trouble with a redesign will be complaints about having to purchase new controllers. But Joy-Con drift is a known and well-publicised problem. Surely a new console should look to address this and create more hardy controllers that last longer and don’t succumb to long-term drift.

Native Bluetooth support

As it stands, you can’t use bluetooth headphones with the Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite without specially-made adaptors. Given the shift towards no headphone jack at all in modern phones, it’s more likely users will own wireless headphones than a wired set — and it’s time for the Switch to recognise that shift.

You should be able to connect your bluetooth headphones to the console. It’s a pretty simple fix.

A better kickstand

The kickstand for the original Nintendo Switch is a bit shit, isn’t it? Because it’s quite thin and leans towards one side of the console, it’s fairly difficult to get the Switch to stand upright using the kickstand, particularly if you’re not an a completely flat surface.

A console with a larger screen will hopefully be designed a bit better with either a thicker stand, or two kickstands for better balance.

Optimised AAA blockbusters

witcher switch pro
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While the hybrid handheld nature of the Nintendo Switch means any ‘Pro’ model likely won’t be able to compete teraflop-for-teraflop against the PS5 or Xbox Series X, it should still be an improvement on the original console.

The Nintendo Switch is already powerful, but a ‘Pro’ model will hopefully improve on its capability and push the boundaries of handheld gaming.

We’d love to see adventures like The Witcher 3 get a boost in the form of ‘Pro’ patches for games.

Optimised games will rock greater render distances, better textures, quicker loading times and smoother gameplay — all essential features of ‘next gen’ games. These improvements would certainly benefit The Witcher 3, but also newer titles like Doom Eternal, Immortals: Fenyx Rising and Control (which currently uses Cloud-based functionality to run).

Their downgrade on the existing Switch is noticeable, but it doesn’t have to be.

Breath of the Wild 2

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Image: Breath of the Wild 2 / Nintendo

It makes sense, right? We haven’t heard much from Breath of the Wild 2 since it was first announced in 2019, but the game is one of the most highly anticipated Nintendo titles. It would make for a killer ‘launch’ title for the Nintendo Switch Pro.

Breath of the Wild remains one of Nintendo’s most beautiful adventures, and its sequel should push the limits of what the Zelda franchise is capable of. Imagine travelling post-apocalyptic Hyrule in stunning 4K. This is what the Switch Pro could bring.

It’s a match made in heaven — and it would be fantastic to see the game launch as a Pro-compatible game before the end of the year. (As long as original Switch owners can also still dive in.) Fingers crossed for this one.

What do you want to see from the Nintendo Switch Pro? Will you be forking out for an updated version of the console? Pop on down to the comments below and join the discussion.


  • I’m calling it now, there won’t be a Switch Pro. Not like how the “report” is describing, which has so many holes in it you could use it as a water filter. Personally don’t think it’s going to happen.

    However, that doesn’t mean I don’t think there will be an upgrade. What I believe will happen is that Nintendo will release a new dock…a “dock pro” if you will, that has a built-in dedicated graphics card in it and maybe some extra processing power, which will allow it to push out upgraded visuals or faster performance in docked mode.

    • Unless there is a massive upscale, current memory storage in the Switch might not be able to handle both the Suze and bandwidth of pumping 4k formats to a secondary graphics processor for a Pro dock… its don’t believe its a thunderbolt port. So I think it would mean new console + new dock.

      That said they came out with the Lite, a dockless Switch, I was kind of expecting them to come out with the opposite a Home Console set-top box (like the Nvivoda Shield) for 4k and more storage.

      • I never said anything about 4K. The Switch is at the end of the day still a portable system which wouldn’t be capable of 4K at 60fps even with a helper card in a dock. But providing better visuals (not necessarily 4K, but still better) and/or better performance? I can see that.

    • What you’re describing is almost a separate console that uses the Switch as an external storage drive plus maybe connection to peripherals. The communications bandwidth on the Switch dock connection would likely make it difficult to share work between the two systems, and the combined price for the whole system would be high.

      It’s not impossible that something like this could come out (it’s basically what the Sega 32X was), but it would be hard to make it successful.

        • Right. And for that, you want the brains of the device in the part you take with you, rather than the dock you leave behind.

          If all the next-gen tech is in the dock, then any game that relies on it won’t be able to run once you unplug too.

          • Games will still run without the dock, they’ll just revert back to the lower settings, or not offer the higher settings. PS4 Pro and XOX work on this concept. There are no games that are exclusive to either upgraded platform and all games still run on the base model just fine. But if you’re running on the upgraded model, you get options to increase the resolution and/or performance.

            The pro dock would work on a similar concept. Games can still run fine on the Switch without the pro dock, but the pro dock will provide options to increase resolution and/or performance when in TV mode (which, let’s be honest, is when you’d most want those upgrades. They are far less beneficial on a smaller screen).

          • You realise most of the actual processing was done on the WiiU itself, and streamed to the gamepad? No reason they couldn’t stream it over the net to wherever you are. But also, like WP said below, it’s not like I’d expect the full fat experience on the go, especially as far as graphics/res/shaders go. There’s a few ways they could go. Power to Nintendo, whatever they do, maybe when they launch their next gen, they’ll consider letting me and the four or five other Wii U /3DS whale buyers/owners who haven’t yet bought a Switch access their BC digital libraries. My sons got a Switch, and he loves it, but at this point I’ll be clinging onto my New 3DSXL and WiiU libtaries, with hundreds if digi titles, every handheld and home console Zelda, Mario, Metroid over 30+ years (and the rest!) across both, for dear life. Especially considering the hardware for either isn’t being produced anymore.

          • @White_Pointer: my point is that the design of the existing Switch console doesn’t really make a “dock as extension of the handheld part” model really work. You’d want something like Thunderbolt to attach devices to the system bus of the main console, and you don’t have that with the Switch.

            If you end up duplicating the CPU, GPU, memory, etc in the new dock (to avoid the latency inherent in the USB dock connector), you’ve essentially got all the costs of a new console but limited the market to people who bought the old console.

    • Right on! I’ve been saying it for years. The “Pro” idea is utter nonsense. We’ve only seen this concept once in the entire history of video games (primarily due to the sudden proliferation of 4K and HDR early in the PS4/XBO cycle), and I doubt we’ll ever see it again. Nintendo certainly don’t fracture their base with exorbitantly priced premium models. They go the other way with budget options, like 2DS and Switch Lite. All these “Pro” rumours are just the usual Nintendo update plans, which already includes the red box Switch and now most likely this OLED Switch.

      Interesting you say the dock with do the upgrading. I’m thinking Nintendo will want all accessories compatible, so the resolution will be native. If this OLED Switch update proves true, the next Switch upgrade will be a Switch 2. Personally, for BOTW2, Nintendo will launch it simultaneously on that as well as the current Switch, as that’s been their pattern with BOTW and Twilight Princess.

  • Great suggestions, some more i would like to see as well

    1. Revised joycons to prevent the dropout issues
    2. Gorilla glass screen instead of plastic. Seriously plastic screens SUCK.
    3. Revised housing to prevent the cracking issues (aluminum instead of plastic in affect areas maybe?)
    4. Newer Tegra chip to increase performance
    5. Double the internal storage

  • Rumour: Increased specs, bigger OLED screen, longer battery life.
    Reality: Nintendo throws a bucket of slime at you and somehow it’s the most satisfying handheld/console on the market. You can’t imagine playing Pokemon any other way and they refuse to make a Star Fox game for it even though it would be perfect for it.

  • Support for any of my digital purchases from Wii U or 3DS. Even just the smaller titles, or virtual console purchases.

    I’ve been pretty much done with physical game purchases for 5 or so years now, and the idea of just abandoning my library every 6 years, especially when so much of it is technically possible, is just so 2005.

    When the WiiU launched, with full Wii BC, and the ability to import EVERY SINGLE ONE of my digital Wii purchases, Nintendo really were leaders there. Besides the media format, there’s really no technical reason they couldn’t do this. There’s the greed factor I guess, but as someone who spent thousands on Ninty software a years for decades, they’re getting zero from me now.

    • It’s pretty sad considering they were the company that supported GameBoy games from 1989 on all their new handhelds until the DS in 2004 (and even then it supported GBA games).

  • I don’t want to see anything in a “Pro” because a Pro won’t be happening! Not sure why we keep using this word “Pro” when clearly this rumour relates to an update, similar that New 3DS was to 3DS. In that sense, this rumoured new model is not a hyper beefed up system selling at a premium price beside a base model, it’s replacing the base model and will become the base model. When this update arrives, the current Switch we be discounted to clear stock. This was the exact pattern with the last “Pro” rumour that turned out to be the red box update!

    In this update, you nail mostly everything I want to see. So a bigger screen, better battery, better kickstand, more internal storage and, of course, fixing the joy-cons. The joy-cons could be fixed already, so I can’t see this Switch update addressing it as it needs to be compatible with all accessories. Of course, this update could prompt Nintendo to fix the joy-cons and put the fix down to this new version, rather than admitting the old ones had serious problems and was specifically fixed. We wait and see. I doubt I’ll buy this update anyway, unless they sell the core system separately. I don’t need more joy-cons or another dock, cables, etc.

  • Here’s an idea – what if a revised switch dock had a GameBoy or DS cartridge slot and allowed you to play said games emulated on your switch?

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