Phasmophobia’s Ghosts Are About To Get Smarter And Meaner

Phasmophobia’s Ghosts Are About To Get Smarter And Meaner
Image: Phasmophobia
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Horror hit Phasmophobia is home to some pretty spooky ghosts, but a new update will make these ghosts even scarier and way smarter. A refresh to the game’s AI system will imbue ghosts with the ability to open lockers, follow players around corners, listen for voices during a hunt and search for players by their last known location. Fun!

Here’s every major change coming to the game, per a recent Steam blog post:

  • The ghost will now follow you around corners if it has lost sight of you rather than searching a random location.
  • The ghost will now listen for player voices when hunting and will search those locations. This will not work if you are not the banshee target.
  • The ghost can now open lockers and closets outside of a hunt.
  • The ghost will now open doors, closets and lockers during hunts. This can be stopped by holding the door however the ghost can still walk through room doors like usual.
  • Slightly increased chance the ghosts will wander on all difficulties.
  • The ghost will now search around the location it last saw a player rather than searching a random location.
  • The ghost will now target any player that gets close to it whilst it’s already chasing another player.

It means if you’ve ever relied on poor AI decision-making or hiding in a corner to survive, you’re out of luck — and probably out on your arse. The ghosts are getting smarter, and they’re coming for you. You can lock your doors but now the ghosts can open them, so uhh… run.

The update also includes a new Professional difficulty mode and tweaks to overall gameplay. The major changes include requiring players to figure out if the ghost responds to groups or solo players and the power always starting in the ‘off’ position during ‘Professional’ gameplay. Think of it like a detective mode where players take the role of a more skilled paranormal investigator.

With the ghosts now faster, smarter, more agile and able to open doors, you’ll need all your skills to survive the latest Phasmophobia update.

Given the popularity of the game on Twitch, it’s likely the new features will lead to more than a few live-streamed night terrors. If you’ve ever wanted to be scared out of your mind, now’s the time to check out the game.

Phasmophobia is now available in early access on Steam. It’s also streaming often on Twitch if you just want to watch other people scare themselves silly.


  • Hey Leah, the changes actually came through over the weekend. I was expecting the game to be a bit more fun and tense but instead its sucked what little fun was left out of the game.

    Couple of notes:

    Professional was already in the game, but what difficulty you could play the maps on was locked to the random map selection, so even if you were level 300+ you might be stuck with all Amateur or all Intermediate, so being able to select the difficulty instead of RNG availability was nice.

    Its now impossible to try and figure out what the ghosts are after the first couple of minutes, as they’ll just spam non-stop hunts as opposed to having time to breathe, get back to the room and try something else to detect it in the time before the next hunt happens. Also, rather than there being a breather after a ghost killing someone, after the short killing animation, the ghost can immediately hunt someone else down.

    So, its now an exercise in frustration, which equates to boredom, and a lack of fun. So I’ll be playing Yakuza Kiwami instead.

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