Reports: Nier: Automata’s New PC Version Is Better Than The Busted Original Release

Reports: Nier: Automata’s New PC Version Is Better Than The Busted Original Release
Screenshot: Square Enix

A new PC version of Nier: Automata, part of the Become As Gods Edition, has just been released on the Microsoft Store and Game Pass. And early reports are that, unlike the version available on Steam, this one actually works.

The game’s original PC release on Steam back in 2017 was a notoriously poor port, so much so that fans had to step in and work on “mods” that patched up things that should have been working at release, from framerates to resolution issues.

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As notorious as the port, though, was publisher Square Enix’s seeming unwillingness to do anything to fix the game, letting it languish on the marketplace for years, warts and all, in spite of Automata’s critical and commercial success.

That’s changed this week with the PC’s Become As Gods Edition — released first on Xbox back in 2018 — which early users are reporting is just fine, and so is likely a direct port of that improved Xbox edition, and not…whatever collection of rat hairs and broken glass the original PC version was made of.

This PC version of Become As Gods is available on Game Pass, but also directly on the Microsoft Store if you’re reading this in the future and it’s been taken off the subscription service.

Note: While this appears to be a superior version to the original, there are still things present (like an FPS cap) that the FAR mod is able to fix or improve on, so if you still want to check that out, you can find it here.


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