Rockstar Pays Modder Almost $13,000 For Fixing GTA Load Times

Rockstar Pays Modder Almost $13,000 For Fixing GTA Load Times
Image: Rockstar
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Remember how yesterday we told you about the modder who found a way to greatly improve GTA Online load times on the PC? That fix, identified and approved by Rockstar, has already gone live, and the modder responsible has been cashed out for their work.

Fan Fixes GTA Online Load Times, Rockstar Makes It Official

Earlier this month, GTA Online player t0st found a way to cut down the game’s load times by 70%. It must have been a clean, effective fix, because Rockstar themselves have taken a look, agreed with it and will soon make it part of an official update.

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GTAV Title Update 1.53 is out now, and on PC it has led to “improvements to PC loading times”. Rockstar’s update also shouts out the modder responsible, adding “Thanks to t0st for his contributions around this part of today’s title update.”

That’s not the only thanks t0st received, though. Rockstar has a bounty program running where anyone discovering privacy and security issues in their games is eligible for a $US10,000 ($12,909) reward. While t0st’s work fell outside that, he says Rockstar paid him out from the program anyway as an “exception”.


    • It was unsolicited work, with the results made public. They could have incorporated the fixes and paid nothing. Making a payment based on their advertised security bug bounty rates is a sign of good will.

      There are bug bounty programs that have higher maximums, but they’d be unlikely to pay those maximum amounts for what amounts to a performance problem.

  • Since day one the load times for GTA Online have been disgustingly, monumentally bad for something that is part of even remotely modern gaming.

    $10k for making Rockstar’s money printing machine load much faster is an absolute joke.

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