Severed Steel Is A First-Person Shooter With A One-Armed Protagonist

Severed Steel Is A First-Person Shooter With A One-Armed Protagonist
Steel takes on an entire army single-handedly. (Screenshot: Greylock Studio)

Announced this morning on the PlayStation Blog, Greylock Studio’s Severed Steel (formerly known as Impact) is a first-person shooter starring a character who can’t reload because she only has one arm.

Her name is Steel, and before the game starts she loses her arm in an accident caused by megacorporation EdenSys. When the company abandons her following her injury, Steel launches a mission to rescue others trapped beneath EdenSys’ heel and get revenge for her dismemberment.

Steel can’t reload with one hand, so she uses her acrobatic abilities to steal weapons from her enemies. She slides, dashes, wall runs, and dives about her enemies. In order to encourage players to rely more on Steel’s agility, designer Matt Larabee made it so enemy fire automatically misses when she’s in the middle of a stunt. As long as Steel keeps moving, she’s nigh-bulletproof. That’s kinda neat.

Severed Steel’s environments are voxel-built and completely destructible, so later in the game when Steel gets a cannon mounted to her residual limb, shit’s gonna get blown up. Who needs reloading when you can blast the ground out from under your enemies with an arm cannon?

Severed Steel is coming later this year to PS4 and PC.

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