SonicFox Showed Up To A Mortal Kombat Event In Typical SonicFox Fashion

SonicFox Showed Up To A Mortal Kombat Event In Typical SonicFox Fashion
Well, at least SonicFox is wearing a mask. (Screenshot: WePlay Esports / Kotaku)

Yesterday the WePlay Esports Ultimate Fighting League kicked off a live Mortal Kombat 11 tournament featuring a handful of international players including Dominique “SonicFox” McLean. The opening ceremony was like any typical esports event, complete with a DJ and the kombatants (official term, Ed Boon says it’s required) standing solemnly on stage before the karnage (again, required) could begin.

Except for SonicFox, who does not do anything solemnly.

Oh SonicFox you extraordinary human being, you. Standing under the trans flag as the announcer calls you the “defender of trans rights” in a full fursuit at a fighting game tournament is just…fucking incredible.

It is a simultaneous proclamation of trans rights while also being an explicit declaration to queer Black folk to disregard haters and simply be. I love SonicFox for that, their unwillingness to exist quietly constrained within the boundaries of what society deems appropriate. It’s doubly inspiring that they do this within the notoriously shitty, toxic masculinity cesspit that the fighting games community (and esports at large) can at times be.

It’s worth noting that the tournament organiser, WePlay Esports, also deserves props for letting SonicFox be themself.

Though if they hadn’t, SonicFox being the outspoken LGBTQIA advocate they are, would have surely let us know. Oh, and that tournament they’re in? They’re currently undefeated. SonicFox is pure 200% loud and proud queer Black excellence and we have no choice but to stan.


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