Total War: Rome Remastered Comes Out April 29

Total War: Rome Remastered Comes Out April 29
Image: Creative Assembly

Rome: Total War, one of the best Total War games ever made, is getting a much-needed remastering developed by Feral Interactive. This new and improved version of the game will be released on April 29 on Steam.

Announced today, Total War: Rome Remastered will improve the original classic war game that was released back in…2004?! (I feel so old.) This remastered edition sports shiny new 3D models and textures, support for 4K resolutions, ultrawide monitor support, improved visual effects, workshop support, aredesigned UI, and an enhanced campaign map. Oh, and they changed the name too. It’s now Total War: Rome Remastered, not Rome: Total War. It’s confusing me but I’ll get used to it.

This new remaster will cost you about $40, based on the now live Steam pre-order page, and will come with all the DLC, remastered too. It also comes with a digital copy of the original Rome: Total War game. And if you own the classic game on Steam, you can pick up the remastered Rome for half off. (This offer expires May 31)

Sadly, if you own the original game on CD as I do, you don’t get this nifty discount. Also, you can no longer buy the original game on Steam. Instead, Creative Assembly says it wants to focus on the new version, but promises that folks who already owned the old game can still download it, and folks who buy the new one, as mentioned before, get the old game too. So this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Creative Assembly has a full Q+A up on the official Total War site that goes into more detail about platforms, cross-play, etc.

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  • Ooh, I loved Rome: Total War. It had one of the best mix of units and civilizations outside of Medieval and Empire I feel.

    The issue though is if it’s just UI and graphical upgrades, though great, doesn’t really address some of the suspect battlefield and campaign AI issues in the older Total War games…

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