Valheim Mod Lets You Tame Any Creature, Including Trolls

Valheim Mod Lets You Tame Any Creature, Including Trolls
Image: Buzz

While playing Valheim the other night, a friend and I spent an ungodly amount of time digging a trench and physically pushing Greylings through it, into a house, so they could be our pets. It was fiddly, sometimes infuriating work. Also, deeply unethical. If we had this mod, it would have at least been easier.

Valheim lets you tame certain animals like boars and wolves by trapping them in pens and feeding them until they love you. Buzz’s “AllTameable” mod extends that functionality to basically every creature in the game, sans a few that don’t work yet (deer, fish) and a handful that can technically be tamed, but are buggy (all five bosses).

Otherwise, though, you can go nuts. Wanna start your own Greydwarf sitcom like my friend and me? Go for it. Want a small army of trolls that love you? Live your/my dream. Want to breed blobs and oozers? That’s very strange, but sure, go nuts.

The mod’s latest version also lets trolls breed to create mini-trolls, which is just stupendous.

Image: Buzz Image: Buzz

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