What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
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There are thousands of games out there that are absolutely well worth your time. But because they’re so big, people avoid them. “I don’t have time to finish that,” the reasoning goes, and so they sit on the physical/virtual shelf, unplayed.

There’s two things I think at play here. We tend to look at things by their enormity, rather than the size of our interactions with them. I’ve played thousands of hours of Counter-Strike — probably tens of thousands over the last twenty years. But I didn’t do all of that in, say, a year, two years, or three years. It’s bits and pieces across a long period of time.

Singleplayer games are the same. You play them in one, two, three or four hour chunks. Sometimes you binge a lot over a weekend. Sometimes you crunch the living shit out of it over five or six days.

But like any problem, breaking it down into its smallest parts makes its more manageable. And in Persona 5‘s case, more achieveable. The game’s approach, blending Pokemon-esque battles with a high school slice-of-life simulator, is perfectly suited to be enjoyed in chunks.

More people should enjoy it in chunks. Whether you finish it or not doesn’t matter, as long as you enjoyed the time you spent with it. It’s not hard to get value out of Persona 5, especially since it’s free — PlayStation Plus subscribers automatically have access to Persona 5. And it’s not like Persona 5 isn’t enjoyable from the off.

It’s just a big game. And, secondly, it’s easy to assume that big games need a ton of time before they become worth it. Persona 5, from the 25 hours I’ve spent with it so far, isn’t that. It’s so good. And it’s so annoying that it’s not on PC yet, either. (Or the Switch.)

But that’ll happen soon enough.

So, as I work my way through more days of high school and furiously swear at the fact that I forgot to go get juice on Sundays, what will you be playing this weekend?


  • Teehee. Really, Pokemon battle should be SMT-esque since SMT predates is by quite some time.

    Can’t stand P5 tho. The characters are the second worst Atlus has written, with only Dx2 having a more unlikeable cast.

    On the plate is PSO2 dailies since I got the main story done, working on Yakuza Kiwami (just got top rank Mahjong which isn’t required for achievements but to get all the items for OCD completion) and probably some Nioh and Phasmaphobia. My brother got my Phasmaphobia group a copy of Devour to try out for some more horror shenanigans.

  • I’ve finally finished Valhalla and Watchdogs after getting distracted by Control so I downloaded Days Gone and Remnant: From the Ashes off PS+
    Looking forward to spending some time with both of em.

    Oh, My Lavos should be finished building in Warframe so a little bit of that as well.

  • Probably an endless amount of Satisfactory.

    Done with the Outriders demo, without hitting the cap on world tier. There’s only 3 repeatable side-missions and they’re all tediously similar. Too much to repeat over and over again just for the world tier cap.

    It’s not a bad game, but you definitely need to disable the motion blur etc.
    The thing really does play like Defiance wanted to be The Division but had too much Mars: War Logs in its DNA and fell short in the polish department. Definitely not an Anthem replacement, which prizes mobility and solid gunplay – something Outriders can’t seem to manage.
    Interesting story, though. Might stick it out just for that. I really hope the full version improves the character customization options, too.

  • It’s a long weekend for me, so hopefully I’ll have some extra gaming time. Which is good because I still have plenty of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey to explore.

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