What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Monster Hunter World

Grilled anything is one of life’s great pleasures. Even some marinated vegetables, done over a high heat habachi grill and finished with some beautiful flaky salt, can be a pure delight.

I kept thinking about this when playing through Monster Hunter World recently. The series has always had nice little moments when it comes to cooking or eating. I wish it doubled down on the eating element a little more, like how Final Fantasy XV did. All the systems are in place, but obviously Monster Hunter is more about … killing monsters. Not so much cooking three-course meals from them.

Anyway, I’m going to be spending a good amount of chunk of the weekend with friends enjoying some fine grilled stuff. It’s going to be great. On the gaming front, I’m still slowly working my way through Persona 5 — I’m just about to finish the third dungeon, and it’s been fun playing that through the PC via PlayStation Remote Play.

I’d love to get it going on the iPad, because I think the idea of playing Persona 5 in the bath (as unsound as that is for any consumer tech) is just great. Prop the iPad up on a kickstand on the toilet seat, grab a glass of wine and just soak for a little while.

It’d also stop me from Googling 40 guides every time I need to negotiate with a new Persona, or working out the most optimal things to do on any given day, but hey. That’s the Persona experience, right?

On the other side, I’ve been getting into some Alien Swarm again with friends. Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop is great especially because it’s free and it supports up to 8 players, which so few co-op games do. It’s basically a faster Helldivers, but free. I don’t know how anyone can complain about that one.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Yeah, I’m pretty sure that obsessive guide-referencing is the only way to play Persona. Anyone who doesn’t do that probably eats their Kit-Kats without splitting them first, like an animal.

    As for me, probably playing some Wolcen – it’s had a solid period of patching since the last time I played it, and should be worth a re-visit. I got Outward in the Humble Choice and think that’s worth some investigation, too. For braindead popcorn time, I’ve decided to continue my PS5-enhanced grinding on Berserk: Band of the Hawk, which is just neato. I was disappointed that my Nioh 2 saves didn’t carry over to the free PS5 remaster upgrade, but it has been fun to go through the start of that again, and I’ll probably keep at it.

    • Did you try manually transferring your Nioh 2 save through the game’s cross-save option? The PS5 version can’t load/convert PS4 saves directly (even when they’re on the same console) – you have to upload your save from the PS4 version using the game’s own Cross-save option (presumably to TN’s servers), and then download it from the PS5 version. It’s not exactly intuitive when every other cross-compatible game has backward compatible save files, but it worked for me. If I’d had to restart my 200+hr save, I’d have just stuck with the PS4 version on the new hardware.

      • Huh. So the game has its own version of cloud saves that aren’t related to the PSN versions? Well that’s some counter-intuitive bullshit.

        Thanks for the tip. I was specifically avoiding downloading two separate massive installs of the same game at the same time just to convert a save file I already have on PSN cloud storage, only to then delete the PS4 install. Especially since I’m already tight on HD space.

  • I need to finish Nioh 2 before i start on anything else.

    Also keeping an eye on the Cyberpunk 2077 news page for news of the next patch.
    Have waited 8 years for it to relase cant wait to try it XD

  • some old pc games, I was recommended to give a go; clive barker’s undying, hostile waters antaeus rising, and mdk2

    • Oh man Hostile Waters is awesome! We could really do with more Carrier Command type games that don’t skimp the budget when it comes to writing or soundtrack.

  • I am following in my addiction for the past few weeks of Rogue Legacy 2. I somehow missed the original launch of Rogue Legacy 1 but saw I owned it one night while scouring for games in my PlayStation library to play on my ps5. Saw that, didn’t know it and gave it a go. Got addicted to it and couldn’t stop til I had completed it and really enjoyed it. I don’t know what it is with roguelikes (lites) that if it gels with me I just cant put them down. So I saw that Rogue Legacy 2 was in early access and am now doing the same 😛

  • Slowly working my way through WoW’s seasonal achievements because I hate myself. 22/10 don’t recommend, but I want my swirly elemental monster I’ll never use!

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