Xbox FPS Boost Coming Soon To Fallout 4 And Other Old Bethesda Games

Xbox FPS Boost Coming Soon To Fallout 4 And Other Old Bethesda Games
Image: Bethesda

After launching the FPS Boost feature in February with a handful of games, Microsoft has announced that five more games, all from Bethesda, will soon be enjoying FPS Boost support.

This news comes from the latest episode of The Official Xbox Podcast. In its opening section, Xbox Live’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb and Xbox senior communications manager Jeff Rubenstein discussed Bethesda’s recent acquisition by Microsoft. To celebrate the deal, a bunch of new Bethesda games were added to Game Pass. But what has me more excited is that five Bethesda games on the service will soon be getting FPS Boost support, a feature allowing older games to run at higher framerates on the Xbox Series X and Series S.

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The five games in question are Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Prey, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, and Dishonored: Definitive Edition.

Something interesting, if you care about this stuff, is that Fallout 4 was one of the very first games we saw using FPS Boost back before the new feature had an official name. In a short video offered without much context last October, Microsoft showcased Fallout 4 running at 60 frames per second. While Xbox players could already use the game’s mod support to achieve similar performance boosts, it will finally be an official feature soon.

The podcast gave no specific date for when to expect this latest crop of games to get FPS Boost support. It sounds like it might happen when the next big Xbox Series X/S update rolls out, which will add per-game settings allowing players to toggle Auto HDR and FPS Boost on games that support it.

I checked out FPS Boost recently and came away majorly impressed. It made older games feel more modern and playable without the need for extra mods or downloads. I’m excited to see how something like Fallout 76 will run with FPS Boost, as its performance on consoles is notoriously bad. But now that Fallout 76 is pretty good, it would be great to see it running better on the next-gen Xbox consoles.

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