I Gazed Into The Abyss And All I Saw Was Xenomorph Pikachu

I Gazed Into The Abyss And All I Saw Was Xenomorph Pikachu
Image: Amazon
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The internet is truly a wonderful place. It connects millions of people worldwide, allowing them to discuss any topic that crosses their mind, no matter how niche or obscure it is. If a thought crosses your mind, there’s a good chance someone else has already had it.

For example, until today I had never imagined what Pikachu mashed up with the Xenomorph from Alien would look like. Thanks to the internet, I no longer have to imagine what that crossover would look like, because not only did someone conceptualise such a thing, they’ve also gone ahead and made figures of them.

Look at that horrible little creature. Absolutely disgusting. I love it. These PVC figures stand around 4-inches tall, making them roughly the same size as your standard Pop Vinyl.

Considering the size, I’ve surprised by how nicely detailed these figures are, from the overall mould, the air-brushed highlights, and the translucent forehead so you can see Pikachu’s skull underneath. They’re also painted in a way that makes them look incredibly slimy at all times. Which is certainly a choice.

Only the green and red versions of Xenomorph Pikachu (Xenochu?) seem to be available at the moment, but yellow and black variants do exist. You might need to do a bit of extra digging around if you want to catch ’em all.

You can pick up the green Alien Pikachu or the red variant in the ballpark of $30 to $40, which is pretty good for a fairly detailed PVC figure. Especially when the price of a Pop Vinyl sits around $20 these days.

If a grotesque Xenomorph Pikachu isn’t your vibe, you can always grab a cartoonishly buff one instead. Yet again, another thing I’d never considered until the internet served it up to me.

As a slightly related aside too all of this, did you know that they tried to dress up a whippet in a Xenomorph costume for Alien 3? Unsurprisingly, like a lot of things in that movie, it didn’t work out. But it did result in one of the funniest behind-the-scene photos to ever exist.

I’m not a big toy collector, but if NECA ever did a figure of this good boy, I’d be first in line to pick it up.

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