Yet Another Producer Leaves Sony’s Japan Studio

Yet Another Producer Leaves Sony’s Japan Studio
Image: Sony

In the wake of the news that Sony’s Japan Studio is reorganising, another producer has left the company. This time, it’s Masami Yamamoto, who made his debut as a producer on the Tenchu series.

Yamamoto would go on to work on a number of titles, including Tokyo Jungle, Soul Sacrifice, and Bloodborne.

On Twitter, Yamamoto revealed that he left Japan Studio on February 28, bringing a close to a 25-year-career at Sony. “Well, from now on I can make games for any platform…,” he wrote. “What a strange sensation!”

As Kotaku previously reported, a number of high-profile creators have left Japan Studio. In an official statement, Sony wrote that it was reorganising the studio in order to “further strengthen business operations.”


    • Haha, ditto the thought below.

      Why is it a mess? I mean obviously, SOny felt the need to restructure due to either strategic/finance or other reasons. Looking externally, with the major push by MS in acquiring studios and also the uncertain economic situation in Japan, I can totally see why a change is needed.

      Whether the outcome is good or bad is hard to determine at such an early stage and without visibility of the company strategic plans

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