YouTube Might Be Getting Rid Of The Dislike Count

YouTube Might Be Getting Rid Of The Dislike Count
Image: YouTube

YouTube just announced that, “in response to creator feedback around well-being and targeted dislike campaigns”, the site is testing some new designs that “don’t show the public dislike count”.

While this isn’t a definite site-wide change being made for everyone, it shows YouTube is at least considering the move, and is currently testing “a few new designs” — one of which is pictured here — for a small number of users as part of an “experiment”.

YouTube’s dislike button, and the very public way its count could be used against a video, is a weird thing! Sometimes it can be a way for fans to let their displeasure at something be known, like a Call of Duty trailer that, at one point, was the second-most disliked video in YouTube history. Other times, though, it can be a way for arseholes to harass creators.

When the site says it’s using “creator feedback around well-being and targeted dislike campaigns” as the basis for this potential change, I’ll leave it to you to decide whether they’ve been spurred into action by ‘small-time YouTubers being attacked by hateful mobs’ or ‘enormous corporations unhappy with negative PR’.

While the dislike button itself would remain, only the uploader of the video would be able to see the number of times it had been selected by checking the metrics on their YouTube Studio page.


  • It’s been my exerience that most YouTube content creators like having both the like and dislike buttons.
    I think this is mostly the big corporations complaining because people are using it to make their voice known.

  • Awesome, what’s even the point of it, other than to give validation to sad people who need a better hobby.

    • So I see you’re the reason the up and downvotes were removed from Kotaku lol

      You could say the *exact* same thing about the “like” button. In fact, I’d suggest that that is more applicable to the “like” button.

  • There are legitimate reasons to keep it publicly viewable… Such as people who promote scams or other questionable shit in their videos for one. That dislike ratio is a pretty good way to indicate there might be actual, legitimate problems with the video/channel/creator in question.

    It being sometimes used in dislike campaigns against specific people simply isn’t a good reason to disable it wholesale.

    Especially when the owners of said channels are still going see the dislikes regardless. Which I might add, based on that factor alone it being sold as some sort of well-being move is straight bullshit.

    This is absolutely based on companies not liking the negative PR aspect, but I for one absolutely think companies should be put on blast for some of the utter trash they advertise/release/do sometimes… And this is one of the only ways to do that as far as Youtube goes.

  • Protectionism at its worst. YouTube only makes changes like these on behalf of the big corporate companies, but tries to hide it as “for the community”. It’s just another protection racket for companies like Disney, who often get disliked on their videos for bad business decisions.

  • For well being? The count will still be shown to the creator, just not publicly?

    This screams of YT trying to increase revenue by increasing views

  • Keep the option for corporate videos and adverts, they often deserve every dislike, campaigned or otherwise.

  • One of the YouTubers I follow once said ages ago that they don’t care about dislikes and actually welcome them because likes and dislikes are treated the same by the algorithm. All that matters is that people have interacted in some way with the video and disliking a video is interacting with it. So they were like, “dislike away, it only helps me!”

  • If your feelings get hurt by random nobodies pressing a thumbs down button, I suggest you take some time to reflect on yourself.

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but a thumbs down will cause irreparable harm to my inflated ego

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