Our Favourite Games To Honour The Internet’s Favourite Day, 4/20

Our Favourite Games To Honour The Internet’s Favourite Day, 4/20

It’s 4/20, and you all know what that means, folks. It’s time to talk about one of life’s perfect combinations: video games and weed.

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that recreational cannabis is highly illegal here in Australia (unless you’re lucky enough to live in the ACT), so this is definitely just a joke and no bongs were injected in the making of this article, nor am I suggesting that you – dear reader – inject any bongs today or any day.

But just because you can’t legally smoke the devil’s lettuce today doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun.

There are plenty of video games out there that are particularly enjoyable today of all days, so if you’re in need of some gaming recommendations for this fine afternoon, look no further.

Weed Farmer Simulator

4/20 games
Image: Weed Farmer Simulator

Growing cannabis is a very serious criminal offence in Australia and will land you in some pretty big trouble, so I don’t recommend doing it IRL. But if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to farm the green stuff for yourself, Weed Farmer Simulator is the game for you.

Sure, Australia’s drug laws are wildly outdated and you’ve got no chance of actually being able to grow this specific plant any time in the foreseeable future, but you can give it a red hot crack virtually, which is just as fun.

Oh, and you get to drive around in a cute red tractor and live your best farmer life, which is quite frankly just a nice way to spend your Tuesday afternoon.


It wouldn’t be 4/20 without a little Grand Theft Auto, would it? Despite the fact that its nearly a decade old, GTA V still holds its own.

At this point, you’ve probably already completed the main story a million times, but why not go on an open-world adventure and run amok in the virtual city for the afternoon? You can go for a scenic drive around the city, or maybe start up a lucrative gardening side hustle, perhaps?

The possibilities are endless.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

jb hi-fi black friday
Get gnarly, dudes.

Perhaps the only thing more synonymous with weed than video games is skateboarding, so why not celebrate our stoner skater forefathers on this special day? Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was made for this.

Not only is it the perfect game to play mindlessly on the couch while working to cement that butt-groove you’ve been working on for the last year, but it’s also a nice little walk down memory lane.

And what’s more, it’s got an absolutely killer soundtrack that is sure to lift up your mood, even if your mood is the only thing getting high today.


Is your brain completely fried for reasons that may or may not be a result of (legal, obviously) weed? Whether you just need a break after a busy workday, or you’re too cooked to play anything else, I simply cannot recommend Slither.io enough.

For starters, it’s a free, in-browser game, which means literally anyone can play it. And it’s super simple, so you cannot possibly get confused.

Oh, and you get to be a giant colourful snake that eats the glowing orb corpse of other snakes to grow larger until you inevitably crash into another snake and explode. Need I say more?

Battlefield 1

4/20 games

In the mood for a god-tier first-person shooter game? Maybe Battlefield 1 tickles your fancy?

Nothing says “relaxing 4/20 afternoon” quite like using WWI-era weapons like bolt-action rifles, flamethrowers and poison gas to attack your opponents.

Despite being released way back in 2016, this is still arguably one of my favourite FPS games of all time. Not to mention, it’s the perfect way to prepare for Battlefield 6, which is due out later this year (presumably in October or November).

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

4/20 games

Want to just escape reality for a while and run away to an immortal world where nothing other than a mild bee sting can hurt you? Well, I strongly recommend Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

To be quite honest, nothing sounds more relaxing than some light fishing, gardening and town planning in a land filled with adorable animal neighbours and a tyrant raccoon overlord who never stops asking you for money.

What are you playing this 4/20? Let us know in the comments below!

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