A Song In Balan Wonderworld Sounds A LOT Like A Song From Ghostbusters

A Song In Balan Wonderworld Sounds A LOT Like A Song From Ghostbusters
Image: Sony / Square Enix / Kotaku

I’m not saying the composer on Balan Wonderworld ripped off a classic tune from the Ghostbusters film soundtrack, but the similarities are striking…

GigaBoots on Twitter was one of many who spotted the similarity between the Balan Wonderworld track “The Firefighter with Heroic Aspirations: Main Theme” and the instrumental Ghostbusters theme. And yeah, played back to back, it’s hard to ignore how alike they sound. Take a listen.

Balan Wonderworld’s song:

The Ghostbusters track:

I think the Balan song differs enough that this probably won’t lead to any legal problems. But I’m no lawyer! This could also be an homage to Ghostbusters. This Balan song is about firefighters and the Ghostbusters work out of an old firefighter station in NYC. I see the connection. I guess.

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