The Last Of Us 2 Is The Best $28 You’ll Spend Today

The Last Of Us 2 Is The Best $28 You’ll Spend Today
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To say The Last of Us: Part 2 had a pretty mixed reception when released back in June of last year would be a bit of an understatement. For every person who praised its gritty violence, strong story and beautiful graphics, there seemed to be someone who heavily disagreed.

For some, it exists as a form of entertainment that aims to make the player feel uncomfortable, forcing them to confront themes that mirror what’s going on in the real world, which can be a bit much for anyone just looking for a good time.

In any case, it was undeniably one of the biggest releases of 2020. If you haven’t quite gotten around to playing The Last of Us: Part 2 yet, you can currently pick it up for $28, which is a a full 72% off its $99.95 RRP, over at Amazon.

Currently, EB Games is selling the game for the full $99.95, while Big W and JB Hi-Fi are both flogging it for $79. In other words, $28 is about as good as it gets right now.

This article has been updated since its original publication.

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If you’ve managed to spend the last couple of years in a cave on Mars, with your eyes shut and fingers in your ears, The Last of Us: Part 2 is the follow-up to Naughty Dog’s 2013 PS3 game, The Last of Us, which garnered critical acclaim from games media and fans alike.

That critical acclaim has continued on for the sequel. At the 2020 Game Awards, The Last of Us: Part 2 was nominated in 11 categories, managing to take home eight wins – including Game of the Year, Best Game Direction and Best Narrative. It was even voted Game Of The Year in our 2020 reader’s poll.

“It’s easy to hold up The Last of Us 2 as a showcase of blockbuster gaming,” Kotaku Australia Editor Alex Walker said in his review. “It is, on the surface, a shining example of what can be achieved with enormous talent, budget and an exceedingly unhealthy amount of time. It is full of beautiful moments, astonishing scenery and the kind of luxury that few games are capable of.”

If you’ve been waiting for the price to drop before diving in, now’s your chance. The Last of Us: Part 2 is currently on sale at Amazon Australia for $28.


  • This is one this is one of the best games I’ve played and a worthy successor to the original, definitely a bargain at that price.

  • Has been available consistantly for this price for ages.
    I also noticed a heck of a lot of unsold “sold out” collectors editions available now too lol.
    Hard pass.

    • It was released at this price at a few stores as a day 1 price then immediately went up $10 after that. This is back to the day 1 price. Unless Amazon had it at this price beore their sale, I didn’t check, I don’t have Prime so I never browse them due to shipping costs.

  • Hi Giz team, last paragraph says Amazon AU has this at $64 right now. Should be $35, per the rest of the article. Suspect it was missed in the March 2021 update to this old story.

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