Australia Post Are Selling Official Pokemon Stamps

Australia Post Are Selling Official Pokemon Stamps
Image: Netflix

Here’s a wild surprise: the latest retailer to offer official Pokemon merch is … Australia Post?

Aussie Nintendo hub Vooks have gotten a great get, reporting that the official stamp bulletin for Australia Post has an electric-themed rodent surprise this month. Pikachu and co. The digital publication highlights all the new collectibles and stamp designs coming out, most of which highlight some part of history, famous architecture, Australian flora and fauna, and so on.

But in the latest issue, Pokemon’s on the menu:

Image: Australia Post

The stamp pack will set you back $25.50 and includes most of the famous starters, including Squirtle, Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur. There’s a lot of classic gen favourites, like Psyduck and Butterfree, but newer gen stars like Lucario and Grookey are included too.

If that’s not your flavour, Australia’s post latest stamp line also includes stamps from DreamWorks’ Spirit Untamed, a stamp line featuring manta rays, a bunch of local doves and pigeons, a stamp pack for Space Jam 2, and iconic Australian architecture.

As Vooks noted, the stamps should be available through your local post office or through Australia Post online. There’s an official order form as well that you can fill out and mail in, too.

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