This Gamepad Lets You Flip the D-Pad And Joystick Layout As Often As You Want

This Gamepad Lets You Flip the D-Pad And Joystick Layout As Often As You Want
Contributor: Andrew Liszewski

The world can be broken down into essentially two groups: those who prefer a symmetrical layout on a video game controller (with the analogue joysticks side-by-side like the PlayStation uses) and those who don’t. The opposing layouts have surely destroyed friendships, families, and even torn nations apart, but Cyber Gadget’s new transforming controller may finally bring peace to gamers the world over.

The Cyber Gadget Gyro Controller Pro is another gamepad that wants to be everything to every gamer, even though its wireless compatibility appears to be limited to just PCs and the Nintendo Switch. It can be configured with an asymmetrical layout to match the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller where the two analogue joysticks are offset. Or the left-side d-pad and analogue joystick can also be popped out and reversed so the layout instead has the left and right analogue joysticks sitting side-by-side.

As the name implies, the Gyro Controller Pro also offers motion-sensing controls through an accelerometer for Switch games that support it, and a bunch of other customizability options like the ability to choose between cross-type or circle-type buttons for the d-pads and three heights of sticks for the analogue joysticks.

One the back of the controller you’ll also find four additional expansion buttons (that can be made easier to reach with optional trigger extensions) that can be programmed to replicate the functionality of other buttons on the gamepad or be used to trigger custom macros, triggering a series of button presses with just a single click — perfect for anyone who struggles to memorise Mortal Kombat finishing moves.

According to Tiny Cartridge, pricing for the controller will be around $95, which is about $15 more than what Nintendo wants for its Switch Pro Controller. The Gyro Controller Pro definitely seems to include more than $15 worth of added functionality, but as with most third-party gamepads, it’s hard to know if offers the same level of build quality and performance.

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