Community Review: What’s Your Favourite Game Of 2021 So Far?

Community Review: What’s Your Favourite Game Of 2021 So Far?
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It’s been a little while since we’ve checked in with everyone on how the year has panned out thus far. So for today, I wanted to see how everyone has fared with the year of video games thus far, and what’s most struck a chord.

There’s a common narrative going around that 2021 is going to be a bit of a shit year, either due to extended coronavirus-induced delays or just general exhaustion from the ongoing global pandemic. (We’re not quite feeling that so much in Australia, snap lockdowns aside, but some other countries are still stuck indoors.)

But I think there have been plenty of surprises already, just not exactly the ones everyone has expected. Most of the PS5 exclusives for 2021 are still yet to drop — there’s the possibility of a new Horizon later this year, the return of Battlefield, Deathloop is still coming out, Ghostwire: Tokyo is still on the cards and, in some universe somewhere, Blood Bowl 3 could be awesome.

What we’ve already gotten this year, I think, hasn’t been that bad either. I’m super on board with Returnal already, and I think Deathloop has a chance of doing similarly well if it nails the core loop as well as Housemarque has done. It Takes Two was a massive breath of fresh air out of nowhere, and EA’s share-with-a-friend technology worked pretty well, which is another neat advancement that could change the market for co-op games.

Monster Hunter Rise, unsurprisingly, was a bonafide banger. Everything you want from the series in a faster, more accessible form, and later this week we should get a proper picture of what Rise‘s endgame actually looks like. Leah’s also super keen for Monster Hunter Stories 2, and that should help fill out July (a traditionally quiet month) rather nicely.

Hitman 3 was excellent, launch issues aside, and 2021 has already delivered on some great, clever indies like Olija, Rhythm Doctor, Maquette, Narita Boy and Loop Hero. All games for very different crowds, but all super enjoyable in their own right, and none that require massive time investments if you don’t want to burn 100 hours on a single thing. Outriders has also been a blast, in a weird, janky sort of way that I think adds to its charm.

So how has 2021 panned out for you — what games are on your radar, and what’s dropped in the first half of the year so far that’s absolutely been your jam?


  • Nothing that I’ve played that has been released this year has been fantastic. Devour is alright, but a bit janky. Another Eden feels like a waste with gacha mechanics and I dropped it right off. Pretty much everything else I’ve played has just been backlog stuff.

  • Dorfromantik so far is my GOTY, it’s still in early access so not sure if that counts as this year or not, but it’s the closest thing to a game released this year i have played.

  • Little Nightmares 2 will be on my GoTY shortlist.

    Bowser’s Fury (and the SM3DW port if you hadn’t yet played it) will probably end up being the best thing Nintendo for 2021, if you believe the E3 Direct won’t deliver a big hitter for their holidays season that is not a mainline Pokemon game (e.g. BOTW sequel).

    For most, I reckon Hitman 3 is the biggest and best new 2021 title. And Disco Elysium the best old title.

    2021 looks like a quiet year, with development delay only beginning to filter through. There are no confirmed titles that look like clear GoTY winners. I’d put GoW sequel and Horizon Forbidden West in that basket, but it’s difficult not the be skeptical about them being 2022 releases.

  • So far it’s Hitman 3 for me. I hadn’t played any of the new hitman trilogy until this year. After I beat 3 I had to go and get the other two, even though it was expensive as f***. It’s my favourite game this year.

  • I guess by default is is Outriders. I only got my 5 about a month ago, but if Demons would or Astros count, being released last year but I didn’t have access to them, I would flip a coin befeeen them.

    Hoping returnal will just blow it all out of the water.

  • Valheim for me. A surprising little indie early access survival game with just so much going on.

    Dorfromantik gets an honorable mention, but everything else I’ve played so far this year has been old favourites- mostly Rimworld.

  • The waiting game has been my most played by far. Someone could earn some serious coin by porting over some decent M&K games to PS5. Wireless peripherals and big 4k TV’s would make strategy games a dream.

  • Outriders hands-down, it’s a little weird story wise and some of the loading sections but gameplay is great.

  • Personally – I haven’t seen a single thing release in 2021 worth buying or playing.
    Got my PS5 on launch and the drought is real

  • Monster Hunter Rise. All of the good parts with none of the cruft and the latency for online play between continents is awesome (no noticeable lag)! I wish Nintendo would hire Capcom to do the network coding for all of their games.

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