Crysis Remastered Now Even More Remastered

Crysis Remastered Now Even More Remastered
Image: Crytek

Just when you thought classic shooter Crysis was as remastered as it was going to get, Crytek announces a new free update that fixes a whole slew of bugs while adding new graphics modes for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 consoles. Who is ready for raytraced 1080p at 30 frames per second on the Xbox Series S?

Along with adding the formerly PC exclusive Ascension level to console versions of Crysis Remastered and fixing a laundry list of issues, today’s free update gives next-generation-but-really-current-generation consoles several fancy new graphics modes. First, we’ve got the Xbox Series S which gets not one but two different choices for playing at 30 frames per second. Hooray.


  • Performance mode – 1080p – 60 fps
  • Quality mode – 2160p – 30 fps
  • RayTracing – 1080p – 30 fps

At least it can run Crysis. The more powerful Xbox Series X fares a bit better, with all three new modes running at 60 frames per second, including that fancy 4K quality mode.


  • Performance mode – 1080p – 60 fps
  • Quality mode – 2160p – 60 fps
  • RayTracing – 1440p – 60 fps

Finally, there’s the PlayStation 5, which gets an 1800p 60 frames per second quality mode. Personally, I’m all about that 1440p raytraced life.

PlayStation 5

  • Performance mode – 1080p – 60 fps
  • Quality mode – 1800p – 60 fps
  • RayTracing – 1440p – 60 fps

Sounds pretty nifty. The new update is live today and free for all players. And remember, if you’re playing the Switch version of Crysis Remastered, hahahaha why are you doing that?


  • Series S is such a waste.

    On a side note got a series X last week, AA batteries for the controller??? Wtf seriously?

    Already killed the included pair 🙁

    • Personally I prefer the Xbox AA batteries to the internal only PS battery. Means I can hot swap the batteries and don’t need to fall back to wired if I run out of charge. Rechargeable Eneloops or Ladda (IKEA) will do the trick. Alternatively buy the MS battery pack and you have effectively the same thing anyway, but you can easily replace the battery in 5+ years time when it’s not holding a charge as well.

      The only bummer is they don’t put the battery pack in the box. If they did that it’d be a perfect setup, giving people the option to buy a second battery to do hot swapping with but not requiring it if you didn’t want to.

    • Rather have easily replaceable AA batteries than a controller with a built-in battery that is hard to replace.

    • Grab yourself one of those energizer 4 rechargeable battery packs with included charger and you will be good to go.

      The ability to swap the batteries on the fly when they run low is one of the best things about the Xbox controller. No dangling a massive USB cord across the living room when the PS controller runs out of juice or sitting 1m away from the TV as your cord is too short.

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