Dude Gets 100% On Guitar Hero Song That Looks Physically Impossible

Dude Gets 100% On Guitar Hero Song That Looks Physically Impossible

Honestly, this is one of the most physically impressive video game feats I have ever seen.

Streamer CarnyJared is one of the best Guitar Hero players on the planet, and here he is fucking around with the 6th version of Soulless, a series of custom songs made for the PC version of Guitar Hero by community member Exile Lord (who, as the universe would have it, is working on Clone Hero, a game we also wrote about today).

The whole point of the Soulless tracks is that they’re supposed to be almost impossible to complete for a regular player, and almost impossible for anyone to get 100% on. Indeed previous versions have only been 100%’d a handful of times, and this one had never been fully beaten, to the point where — as you’ll see watching the video — most people simply assumed it would never be.

I could live another 100 years on this Earth and accomplish 1000 great things, and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel what CarnyJared is feeling right here:

Gif: CarnyJared
Gif: CarnyJared

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