Even As A Pacifist You Will Still Kill Over 700 People In Grand Theft Auto V

Even As A Pacifist You Will Still Kill Over 700 People In Grand Theft Auto V
Screenshot: Sex Positive Gamer

Like they did with Max Payne, Sex Positive Gamer have sat down with Grand Theft Auto V and played it as peacefully as possible, keeping murders to the absolute minimum required to progress the story. And it’s still a lot of murders.

726, to be precise, most of them as part of missions where the objective is simply to kill XX number of bad guys, or certain targets, before it counts as being completed. They never ran over a single pedestrian, or triggered any police chases, and tested several missions with respawning enemies to find the fastest way possible to complete them.

That’s 172 kills playing as Michael, 295 as Franklin and “only” 258 as the homicidal maniac Trevor Philips, with a final kill coming as a collaboration between all three in the game’s final (canon) main story mission.

If you feel like checking their handiwork, all 726 are catalogued in the 13-minute video below.


  • I found it REALLY satisfying to play through GTA IV as ‘peacefully’ as possible. There are some players out there absolutely dedicated to it that have got their numbers down to some really ridiculously low numbers, but I managed to get through that story with around 75 kills. Importantly, there were very few police kills in that, only what was demanded in story missions due to triggers. And not a single civilian. It wouldn’t be hard to go a fair bit lower than too.

    That’s because GTA IV had a mechanic where you could incapacitate someone, either by melee combat or by wounding them so that they’re on their back but not dead. In the wounded state, if you give them enough time they’ll even get back and wander off, or a paramedic might appear to treat them. The mission structure usually meant that any time police were involved, evasion was the goal and not outright slaughter. So it’s possible to just shoot the cops in their feet/hands/legs to incapacitate them and get away. From a ‘role-playing’ perspective it even makes sense for the character.

    GTA V makes this one very hard because the mechanics are heavily simplified (without mods) – the different states for civilians and police are much less. To be fair, GTA V presents a much more complex world and setting, but the simplified population and euphoria physics become apparent once you start pulling on the strings to try things.

    So even using fists counts as a kill, likewise a taser – occasionally you’ll see characters perform a ‘wounded’ animation but they still keel over and die. There’s a pretty simple mod that involves deleting an animation file that will keep them in that state, but it still counts as a kill for stats anyway. Likewise you might see a cop rescue their buddy by dragging them out of the fight, but they’re actually already dead. The ambulance workers in GTA V appear to be nothing more than mobile coroners since they never, ever save anyone.

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