Fortnite Toys Make Me Wish I Knew More About Fortnite

Fortnite Toys Make Me Wish I Knew More About Fortnite
Image: Hasbro

During this past Friday’s Pulse Fan Fest Event, Hasbro announced a bunch of cool-looking figures being added to its Fortnite line this fall, including a lady Black Panther with a tail, formal gas mask guy, Destiny reject, and clear blue easy. Also, there’s a giant shark that splits in two and spills garbage. Am I missing out by not following Fortnite lore?

As a long-time toy collector, I firmly believe one does not need to follow the source material to appreciate an action figure. I do not need to know that the toy with the awesome clear blue arms and sledgehammer is named Rippley to appreciate its fine details. I have a shelf full of figures with transparent elements, and this Rippley person would fit right in.

Little weird spending $US22.99 ($30) on a character you don't know, but it's real pretty.  (Image: Hasbro) Little weird spending $US22.99 ($30) on a character you don’t know, but it’s real pretty. (Image: Hasbro)

Should I know who Rippley is? I asked our resident Fortnite expert, Riley MacLeod who Rippley is and he said, “I think it’s the blobby guy?” So maybe not. Maybe these are all just throwaway skins and the only folks who really care are players who use them.

Hasbro’s one-sheet tells me this character’s name is Lynx. She is wearing a “fan-favourite Outfit in her black Stage 4 style with game-level detail.” I do not know what that means.

Meow? (Image: Hasbro) Meow? (Image: Hasbro)

I do know she comes with a little bear thing, which I like. She could pass for Catwoman, or Black Panther’s sister Shuri. I really love those feet. She’s so dark, so mysterious. Or she was, but then I peeked at the Fortnite wiki and discovered she starts off as just a woman in a cat-eared hat. Maybe it’s best I don’t know.

Where's his ghost? (Image: Hasbro) Where’s his ghost? (Image: Hasbro)

Nothing is going to convince me Midas Rex here is anything other than a Destiny character who got lost on the way to the raid. I know Fortnite has a thing for guest characters, so that’s my headcanon.

Finally, we have Chaos Agent, who is giving me real Team Fortress 2 vibes. Like he’s a well-dressed Pyro on Weightwatchers.

Fortnite loves its scythes.  (Image: Hasbro) Fortnite loves its scythes. (Image: Hasbro)

Yeah, after going through these four new figures, hitting store shelves this fall, maybe it’s best I remain outside the know. I don’t need to play Fortnite to appreciate the disgusting glory of the Shark Accessory Pack.

No explanation needed whatsoever.

Skye and Ollie? (Image: Hasbro) Skye and Ollie? (Image: Hasbro)

OK, maybe a little explanation would be nice.

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