Please Enjoy This Giant Nintendo Switch That Weighs 30Kg And Is Fully Playable

Please Enjoy This Giant Nintendo Switch That Weighs 30Kg And Is Fully Playable

Okay, hear me out: a Nintendo Switch – but make it HUGE. Sounds pretty neat, huh? Well, YouTuber and engineer Michael Pick (aka The Casual Engineer) has done just that and developed a 4K Nintendo Switch that measures a whopping 650% larger than the original.

Sure, it doesn’t fit in your pocket, but at least you know you’ll never lose it down the side of the couch.

I originally thought this was just a really cool mount for your TV to make it look like a giant Nintendo Switch — which is still something I’d be a huge fan of. But it gets even cooler when you discover that this is a fully functioning Nintendo Switch, complete with working controllers.

The Casual Engineer’s project weighs a whopping 29 kilograms, measures 1.8 metres by 75 centimetres, and plays on a glorious 4K screen. Although it’s not the handheld 4K console of our dreams, it comes pretty bloody close, if you ask me.

When pressed, the giant controller buttons toggle the same button on the IRL (and much smaller) joy-con hidden inside. Pretty nifty.

giant nintendo switch

The only downfall is that it has lost the touch-screen function on account of the fact that the IRL switch has to be docked inside this bad boy to make it all work. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers in a world full of giant Nintendo Switches.

Sadly, the giant device isn’t for sale, so we won’t be able to get our hands on it. But that’s okay because Pick donated it to Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital, which is far more deserving of ~the big boy~ than I am.

Michael Pick, I am begging you, please give us a life-sized Nintendo DS that I can jump on like the keyboard at FAO Schwarz. PLEASE.

fao schwarz
This will be me jumping on the giant DS keys.

You can watch The Casual Engineer build (and play with) the giant Nintendo Switch below. Or, if you’re in the mood for some other content that’ll make you wish you studied engineering, you can watch other videos on his channel like this one about building the world’s smallest gaming PC.

Don’t let the name fool you, nothing about what this man does is casual.

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