Help, Returnal Looks Terrifying

Help, Returnal Looks Terrifying
Illustration: Housemarque / Sony

Today, Sony released a trailer and a collection of artwork for Returnal, an upcoming PS5-exclusive bullet hell game from the makers of Resogun. The game looks neat. It also looks positively terrifying.

Exhibit A:

Screenshot: Housemarque / SonyScreenshot: Housemarque / Sony

If that looks like a waterlogged version of a clicker from The Last of Us, you’re not far off. Housemarque, the studio behind Returnal, drew inspiration from the depths of the sea — a well of the unknown that potentially houses more horror than anything else in the universe, including space.

“There is something inherently unsettling and foreign about the deep-sea as an environment for us,” Harry Kreuger, Returnal’s creative director, wrote in a blog post, echoing thoughts shared by every human being on the planet who’s considered that we’ve only explored 5 per cent of the ocean.

Returnal doesn’t just feature nightmares from the deep. As player-character Selene, you’ll also fight crabs with mini-Sarlacc mouths:

Screenshot: Housemarque / SonyScreenshot: Housemarque / Sony

And then there’s whatever the hell this abyssal monstrosity is:

Image: Housemarque / ReturnalImage: Housemarque / Returnal

I fully plan on playing Returnal. I’m also aware that I’ll likely never sleep again.

Returnal comes out for PlayStation 5 on April 30. Here’s a new trailer:

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