Here’s A Chunky 6 Minute Trailer For New Pokemon Snap

Here’s A Chunky 6 Minute Trailer For New Pokemon Snap
Image: Nintendo
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New Pokemon Snap is only a fortnight away, and there’s still tons of questions to answer about the revamped on-rails photography experience. Fortunately, Nintendo answered a ton of those this morning.

The company published a six-plus minute trailer earlier this morning covering just about everything you’ll want to know from New Pokemon Snap. It goes into details like the four star rating system for photos, the photo editing process, ability to adjust focal points post-shot, online leaderboards, and some of the items you can use to attract Pokemon.

Fluffruit, for instance, can lure some Pokemon forward for a shot. There’s also Illumina Orb, which causes Pokemon to glow with “life energy”. In the trailer, however, it kind of looks like you’re giving the Pokemon uppers. From a gameplay element, it’ll help trigger different poses and movements, so there’s naturally going to be elements and shots when you’ll want to drop an Orb.

Branching routes are also a thing in New Pokemon Snap, as are research levels. Research levels are unique to every map, and new Pokemon and routes will be unlocked as your research level improves.

For more info on how New Pokemon Snap plays on the Switch, we’ve got a full length preview from Mikey here. New Pokemon Snap is out worldwide on April 30, the same day as Returnal, Terminator Resistance for the PS5, R-Type Final 2, and a day after Total War: Rome Remastered. April’s getting real busy, folks.

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