Just Another Day At The Office

Just Another Day At The Office

This week on Snapshots, some extra photos from the past two weeks. I had last weekend off. To make up for the lack of screenshots last Saturday here are some extra cool ones today from games like Control and Horizon: Zero Dawn!

Horizon: Zero Dawn (Screenshot: Matthew Riddle (Email))Horizon: Zero Dawn (Screenshot: Matthew Riddle (Email))
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Screenshot: Heath Gardner (Email))Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Screenshot: Heath Gardner (Email))

Batman: Arkham Knight (Screenshot: Dallas Grey (Email))Batman: Arkham Knight (Screenshot: Dallas Grey (Email))
Ghost of Tsushima (Screenshot: Wade (Email))Ghost of Tsushima (Screenshot: Wade (Email))

Office Worker: “Working hard, or hardly working?”

Masked ghoul: *screams for 10 mins*

Office Worker: Tuesdays… I get it.

Kotaku Snapshots is a weekly look at some of the best, funniest and coolest screenshots players have taken in their favourite games.

If you have a cool screenshot you want to share with me, post your photos on Twitter using the hashtag #Ksnapshots. You can also email me. Please provide a screenshot, a name, and the game’s title OR a link to the photo with that info. Here’s some more info about submitting a screenshot.

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