Mass Effect Legendary Edition Will Have Photo Mode

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Will Have Photo Mode
Yes! Yes! Yes! I cannot wait for all the pics of my turian husband in delicious 4K resolution. (Screenshot: BioWare)

Today on Twitter, Mac Walters, project director of Mass Effect Legendary Edition confirmed that the remaster will have a photo mode.

Fuck. Yes.

Photo modes have become the standard for cinematic, single-player games and this will be the first time a Mass Effect game will have the feature. Fans will have the opportunity to capture shots of the series’ most iconic and scenic locations like the Citadel, Virmire, the Collector Base, and whatever the hell that big star is behind The Illusive Man.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out May 14 and I, for one, can’t fucking wait for all the wonderful pictures of my turian husband calibrating the shit outta my [REDACTED].


  • A photo mode? Awesome news. I hope you will do an article showing off what it is capable of in a modelling session with your Turian hubby 😀

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