Microsoft Sells Three Bethesdas Worth Of Minecraft Goggles To The US Military

Microsoft Sells Three Bethesdas Worth Of Minecraft Goggles To The US Military
Image: Microsoft

In 2015, Microsoft showed off its fancy new HoloLens augmented reality goggles with a very impressive Minecraft demo. In 2021, the company has just agreed to sell “up to $US22 billion” worth of headsets based on that original tech to the US military.

As TechCrunch reports, while the military and Microsoft originally agreed to some kind of smaller augmented reality program back in 2018, this is a full-fledged deal to deliver 120,000 headsets over the next ten years, which will basically give soldiers access to all kinds of navigational, communication and awareness tools right in front of their face.

They won’t be the exact same goggles that we saw in 2015; the Minecraft demo ran on the original HoloLens, which was upgraded to the original HoloLens 2 in 2019. But it’s part of the same family that was first shown off to play Minecraft, watch football and help people, so it’s tough looking at the amount of money involved here and figure all that cutesy stuff was anything but a smokescreen to help Microsoft achieve their ultimate goal: make a ton of money from the military.

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  • And with that the entire Minecraft purchase is written off as an advertising expense.

    With 22 bill they might now be able to afford Roblox

  • With all the HUDs and such we’ve seen in movies in the past and in reality more and more, I’ve always wondered something…

    In the case of military application especially, how much of this HUD shit is actually going to get its own users killed by being distracting and/or otherwise in the way even if at the edges of the peripheral?

    I mean I can’t be the only one who has seen people stop traffic because they were crossing the street while staring at their fucking phone… Once we get to full blown public application of stuff like this for glasses, etc, the only difference is people will quite literally see the car/bus/whatever coming and still not even know because they were surely focused on some totally important social media feed or some shit.

    • Well pilots have been using them for years now. They have HUD’s in their visors that show them a lot of info and they have been fine.

    • Maybe just for training. Might not be used in combat, or elements are manually brought up and turned off

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