Miitopia’s Mii Maker Is Already Being Used For Deranged Works Of Art

Miitopia’s Mii Maker Is Already Being Used For Deranged Works Of Art

This week, a new demo for the Switch port of Miitopia went live on the Nintendo eShop. But while the game is designed to be a wholesome magical adventure, when players began experimenting with the included Mii Maker they discovered something horrific: you can make literally anything with this version of Miitopia.

If you remember your days playing with the Nintendo Wii or 3DS, you’ll be aware of how limited the scope for Mii creation was in the original version of the Mii Maker. While you could create some terrifying figures like Lonk from Pennsylvania, the Maker generally limited you to placing the eyes, nose and mouth of your character in certain regions of the face.

With the updated version in Miitopia, anything is possible.

That includes recreating iconic (and terrible) comics from the ancient history of the web:

Or similarly iconic internet memes:

If you browse the #NintendoSwitch hashtag on Twitter right now, you can see countless examples of these horrifying creations as players push the limits of what this new version of the Mii Maker is capable of.

It appears many of the deranged Miis now appearing have been created using the ‘makeup’ function of the Mii Maker, but users have found plenty of other loopholes to perfect their hideous creations.

There are some that are genuinely good, like this version of Nezuko from Demon Slayer:

Or this faithful recreation of the Able Sisters from Animal Crossing:

Or even this Hank Hill, from classic Fox comedy King of the Hill:


Someone’s also gone ahead and re-created some of the best characters from Dragon Ball Z in the Miitopia Mii Maker:

But then there’s also absolute demons, like this version of SpongeBob Squarepants (affectionally known as “spunch bop”):

Or this hideous recreation of Trollface:

Or this terrifying little rendition of Birdo:

And if you really want to spooky yourself silly, you can check out this rendition of the dilapidated cast of Five Nights At Freddy’s.

For now, these horrible little creations will be relegated to the demo of Miitopia while it’s up on the eShop. But come May 21, the freaks will finally be unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

The rebirth of Miitopia is coming. I’m just not sure any of us will be ready for it.

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