How To Watch The Latest Nintendo Indie World Showcase In Australia

How To Watch The Latest Nintendo Indie World Showcase In Australia
Image: Nintendo
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If you love indie games and/or the Nintendo Switch, this week’s going to be a great one for you! Overnight, Nintendo announced a surprise Indie World showcase set to take place in the wee hours of Thursday morning. It’s scheduled to run about 20 minutes, so you can expect to see a whole bunch of games being shown off. Given the usual rapid-fire pace of these mini Directs, there’ll likely be a dozen or so “fresh and new” indie games announced for the Switch.

So if you’ve been treading your wheels waiting for some new games to land on the console, you might just be in luck. There’s been a surprising plateau in new content for the console lately, so hopefully the latest showcase will give us a bunch more goodies to dive into.

Here’s when you can watch it in Australia.

Indie World, April 2021: Australian Times

The latest Indie World is set to begin on Thursday, April 15 in Australia. Here’s the timezone breakdown for everyone wanting to tune in:

    • Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane — 2:00 am AEST
    • Adelaide — 1:30 am ACST
    • Perth — 12:00 am AWST

Where to watch

The latest Nintendo Indie World will air live on YouTube.

You can check out the Nintendo Indie World stream here or see the embed below.


What to expect from Nintendo’s Indie World

On Twitter, pundits have placed their bets on Hollow Silksong making an appearance during this Indie World — but it’s best to temper your expectations on it actually showing up. Nintendo is very good at keeping secrets and the game could make an appearance, but it’s best to go in with low expectations so you can be surprised at whatever does show up.

As for what to actually expect, we do have some more realistic guesses.

The Darkside Detective 2 launches this week and could get a spotlight. We could also see more from Signs of the Sojourner, a neat indie card game which recently launched on Switch, or even newer titles like life sims Littlewood and Cozy Grove. 

Beyond these guesses, there’s really not much to go on — and that’s great! Hopefully that means there’s some good little surprises in store.

If you don’t want to watch up early (or stay up late) to tune in, you’ll find a roundup of all the latest news on Kotaku Australia in the morning.


  • I 10% love and 90% hate indies on Nintendo consoles, I just wish there was some sort of filter that gets rid of all the crap on the eShop

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