Nvidia Just Made It Easier For Streamers To Shush Those Noisy Keyboards

Nvidia Just Made It Easier For Streamers To Shush Those Noisy Keyboards
Image: Nvidia

Let’s be real: nobody really likes the sound of a loud chattering keyboard when you’re trying to listen to in-game sounds, music, or other human beings speak. But while the constant sound of clicks is a constant in a lot of gaming videos and streams, Nvidia has just rolled out an update that might make life a little easier on the ears.

The latest Game Ready driver, which adds DLSS support for Mortal Shell and also finetunes latency improvements in Valorant, has a real neat feature that’s listed at the very bottom of the page. It’s to do with Nvidia Broadcast, Nvidia’s software suite that uses the AI cores on RTX graphics cards for things like noise cancellation and pseudo-green screen effects on your webcam.

Nvidia Broadcast is pretty good! The RTX Voice element of it is lifesaving, especially if you’re one of those people who uses voice activation on Discord but also has the loudest fucking keyboard on the planet and yes I’m talking to one person in particular here. 

So naturally, Nvidia Broadcast has some benefits for streamers as well. There’s only one problem: while you can get it working through OBS, it’s not natively integrated. As of the latest Game Ready driver — and a subsequent update to the beta branch of OBS Studio — that’s been rectified:

Now, OBS has incorporated NVIDIA Broadcast’s Noise Removal feature natively into their own app, enabling all OBS GeForce RTX users to automatically eliminate loud keyboard typing, annoying microphone static, and just about any other unwanted noise with the touch of a button.

You can start using this feature with the new beta version of OBS Studio 27, by downloading and installing the NVIDIA Broadcast Audio Effects SDK, our new Game Ready Driver, and the release client for OBS Studio 27. Or you can wait for OBS Studio’s full release, coming soon.

Previously, you’d have to run Nvidia Broadcast and then have Nvidia Broadcast selected as an input source, controlling the amount of noise cancellation through Nvidia Broadcast and then checking the effect through OBS. Now, the native integration means you can apply noise suppression directly as a filter within OBS, allowing you to apply the noise cancellation on each individual audio stream.

Image: Nvidia

The beta client for OBS Studio 27 is only available here, and you’ll need the Nvidia Broadcast Audio Effect SDK as well. The game ready driver also adds G-SYNC support for LG’s 2021 B1, C1, G1 and Z1 4K and 8K TVs, as well as the LG 27GP950 4K HDR 600 gaming monitor, which is almost available in Australia.

It’s worth noting, however, that every driver still comes with their own issues and bugs from previous drivers that haven’t been fixed. The latest driver doesn’t, for instance, fix issues with YouTube videos stuttering when you scroll down the page. And sorry to fans of Supreme Commander and Supreme Commander 2 — Nvidia users still suffer from FPS issues.

The last Nvidia driver returned some pretty decent results for The Division 2 and Watch Dogs: Legion, and a surprising double-digit improvement in raytraced performance for Godfall. It was also the first driver to introduce resizeable BAR support for the entire RTX 3000 GPU line, so if you haven’t downloaded that one, you should feel good about grabbing this morning’s newer version. The driver is available on the Nvidia website, or directly through the GeForce Experience middleware.

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